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"Vias pietatis et sapientiae eligi ut serviam" - Transaction: "I choose the ways of piety and wisdom that i may serve"

Yellow - Church Color

Green - Life

Feather Pen and open book - Openness to have knowledge through proper education

1919 - Foundation year


"St. Thomas Academy is a Christ - centered learning community taht evangelizes the whole person to becomes leaders of society."


"Develops competent and upright individuals in the serviecs of the Catholic Church."





·Passion for growth and learning



We commit ourselves to:

·The development of one's faith through spiritual experiences.

·The propagation of catholic education and he hoslic Christian formation of the community.

·The care of creation.

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Thomas Aquinas.

Patron Saint of St.Thomas Academy

The Birth-year of Thomas Aquinas is commonly given as 1227 , but he was probably born easily in 1225 at his father's castle in Roccasecea in Neapolitan territory.He Died at the monastery of Fossanova,one mile from Sonnino, Mar. 7 ,1274. His father was count Landulf of an old high-born south Italian family, and his mother was Countless Theodora of Theate, of noble Norman descent.

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History of St.Thomas Academy

Founded in 1919, St Thomas Academy (STA) was originally named St. Thomas Colleg. During the outbreak of the war in 1936 the original school was completely damaged.

Two years after the war ,however,STA rose from its ashes and opened great possibilities through the aid of concerned and dedicated school administrators headed by Atty. Jose M. Hernandez(President) and Mr. Vicente Platon (Principal)